Born in 1981, Gaspard blooms and participates in the development of several musical projects for more than twenty years. Here the main bands:

Anomalie [1992] Slum [1994] D.O.M. [1995] Fahr [1997] Dark Poetry [1997] Happy Culture [2002-2004] Athanor [2005] Barde [2005] Mind Whispers [2006-2011] Les Couilles de Loup [2006] Minhushuman [2007] Enlève Ton Pull [2007] How Long [2009-2012] Chilldren Of The Sun [2011] Jumper Lace [2012]

Gaspard is currently boosted and associated to the following projects:
Mind Whispers [Astral Death Metal] Gasp.! [In Solo]