MIND WHISPERS is a metal band from the south-west of France, practising an hypnotic music full of atmospheres but who meet some powerful thrash/death parts moving to a kind of seventies melodies. The band was created in 2003 and counts more than 200 concerts all around his own country and northern of Europe and released five long-lenght albums to prevail into the cultur opulence scenery, from 2003 to upcoming years.

So the gang shared some shows with great bands like Gojira, Arch Enemy, Warbringer, HTray, Imply In All, Chtonich, Eths, Anorexia Nervosia, Mercyless, Benighted, The CNK, Kronos, and many others… About the present, 2012 is a new era for MIND WHISPERS, because of the release of Cosmic Obedience, a long minded album, who gives the best spirit of creation from their last ten years experiences.

To carry out this project, the band has worked, recorded and mixed this album in his own studio, during the 2012 summer. Then, Brett Caldas-Lima from the Tower Studio (Cynic, Devin Townsend), made the reamping for guitars and the mastering. The amazing artwork was made by Stan W. Decker (Megadeth, Deviant Art) and brings Mind Whispers come to land on a steady plan.

From 2014 to present, the new line up plays the music on more explosive gigs than ever…from the great west of France to Benelux and Germany. A new chapter is on the vault, coming out in 2019 via Season of Mist distribution. Produced, Mixed and mastered by HK Krauss at Vamacara Studio (Loudblast, Sinsaenum , Dagoba), Serpentarius is a common symbiotic alchemy creation and wants itself to prevail and root into the cultur opulence scenery, for upcoming years.